Marin Spivack, disciple of Chenyu, will come for a traditional Chen Taiji workshop this spring.

Marin is 20th generation lineage holder in Chen-style Taiji – the oldest and original form of the unique martial art. His teacher, Chenyu (grandson of Chen Fake), got the whole of the art from his father, Chen Zhaokui, starting at the age of 7.

Chen Taiji is characterized by demanding structure, internal cultivation, joint locks and explosive power (fa jin), the system thought by Marin is the original and most authentic form of it, including every little bit of the art.

The workshop will be a focused training workshop, and as such intended for those interested in a long-term study of an authentic Chinese martial art.

Attendance is by application only. Be aware that the training is extremely challenging, and is not watered down for commercial purposes. Therefore, apply only if you’re serious. To assure a high-quality experience, a cap of 18 students is set for the workshop.

For application and other logistics, see The Workshop page.